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  • 1. Olive benefits & how to use it?

    Olives is often used as an appetizer, served with ham, cheese, bacon, sausage. Olives also ideally use for salad or in some recipes (pasta, pizza)

    Like Olive Oil, Olives are good for health, you can find 7 benefits of Latino Bella Olives below:

    1/ Low Calories: 7 Olives (25g) contain 37 kcal, 90% of the Olive is assimilated during digestion.

    2/ Low Carbohydrate: Olives are virtually carbohydrate-free. Raw olives have very little carbohydrates,

    most of which are removed during the fermentation process.

    3/ Monoinsaturated Fat: The main fatty acid in Olives is Oleic Acid, with the same health benefits as Olive oil.

    4/ Protein: Olives contain all the essential amino acids in moderately high levels.

    5/ Dietary Fiber: Olives have a remarkable proportion of dietary fiber, a very important component for the good functioning of the digestive system and for prevention of cancer.

    6/ Vitamins: Olives are rich in tocoferols (mainly α-tocoferol), which act as antioxidants. High contents of provitamin A.

    7/ Minerals: High levels of calcium (higher than milk!) and other minerals. Olives have considerable levels of sodium which is especially recommended for high energy consumption activities (i.e. sports)

  • 2. How to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for baby food?

    You may use a little olive oil in your baby food recipes from 6 months of age. As per guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, UNICEF and the World Health Organization, babies under 6 months of age receive all the nutrition they need from breast milk or formula.

    Olive oil rarely causes allergic reactions – but we recommend serving it to your baby for the first time with a food to which he has already been safely introduced. That way – if any reaction does occur, then you will be able to identify olive oil as the culprit and discuss the situation with your do

    Even good fats should be eaten in moderation – so don’t add too much to your little one’s food.  For a 2 oz serving of food, no more than 1/4 to 1/2 tsp olive oil should be added.

    Use olive oil in place of less healthy cooking oils, like margarine and shortening. If you find the rich flavor of extra virgin olive oil a little overpowering for cooking, then Pomace olive oil and add the extra-virgin oil after the food has cooked. 

    • Instead of buttering whole wheat bread, try drizzling on a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead. For older babies, offer the oil as a dip.
    • Drizzle it on to cooked veggies you’ll be serving as finger foods, or add to the food processor when blending your baby’s veggie purees.
    • Stir into mashed potato – delicious!

  • 3. What kind of Olive Oil can we use for beauty care?

    You can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your beauty care, such as: hair care, nail, skincare…

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  • 4. How to use Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

    It is ideally for salads or use in your recipes. Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used as a natural cosmetics or very good for baby food. Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality Olive Oil which makes your dishes more wonderful.

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  • 5. What is the differentiation of Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

    It is the highest quality Olive Oil obtained from the best olives. It contains all the nutrition of Olive Oil. Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil has distinctive color, rich taste. It is good for heart health, provides your daily vitamin needs, has the good effect of anti – aging, good for digestion. Besides, Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used as a natural cosmetics or very good for baby food.

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  • 6. Where is Latino Bella made from?

    Latino Bella is made in Spain and is exclusively distributed by Annam Fine Food.

  • 7. Why is Latino Bella Olive Oil is good for health?

    Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil through its oleic acid, it helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol, it has a high contribution of Vitamin E.

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  • 8. How to store Olive Oil?

    Olive oil is an ingredient that can be used in cooking and to flavor foods such as pasta and salads. It is produced from pressed olives and comes in varieties such as virgin and extra virgin. Olive oil is a very fragile type of oil, and it is important to store it correctly to avoid the chance of it turning rancid. If stored properly, certain types of olive oil can be kept as long as a year. The following guide will help you properly store your olive oil.

    1/ Choose a location for your olive oil that is away from heat, air and light

    These negatively affect olive oil, because they can cause too much oxidation, making the oil turn rancid.

    2/ Store the oil in a cool, dark place

    The best temperature to store olive oil is at 57 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius)

    A room at 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) is fine, especially if you use a dark tinted or opaque container. Latino Bella Olive Oil is in a dark green bottle for maximum protection.

    Keep the olive oil in a dark cupboard away from heat sources such as the stove.

    3/ Keep olive oil in a container that has a tight lid

    Bottles with cork stoppers work well as long as the stopper fits tightly to keep air out.

    Be cautious using metal lids that can rust.

    4/ Store olive oils in a basement or wine cellar

    This is the ideal place for storing olive oil.

    Bring small amounts of oil out for daily use.

    5/ Use extra-virgin olive oils within a year, and use lower-quality oils within a few months

    Olive oil does not get better with age, but rather it starts to break down over time. Use the Best Before Date on the label as a guide.

    Extra-virgin olive oils have lower acidity and do not break down as quickly.