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Latino Bella

Liquid Gold from the Mediterranean

The cultivation of olives and production of olive oil has deep roots in the history of Spain.

The love affair with olives and olive oil from Spain dates back over six thousand years, when traders first began to impress consumers world-wide with the taste, flavour and aroma of these versatile, natural foods.

The olive, a symbol of peace, and the tree which produces olives, olea europea, are known to have been cultivated around the Mediterranean about 6,000 years ago. With such a long and rich history it’s no surprise that olives and olive oil are of the utmost importance to Spanish culture and are included in every meal.

Although modern technology is employed by Spanish farmers to maximise quality and efficiency of olive production, there is still a huge respect for the traditions that have built up over the years and farmers are as passionate as ever about producing the best tasting olives and olive oil.

Rich, golden Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is made from Olives grown in Spain and we call it the “Liquid Gold from the Mediterranean”. 



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