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The health benefits of Latino Bella olive oil is largely derived from its oleic acid content and high contribution of Vitamin E. When consumed regularly as part of the diet Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil can help to maintain good health.  

Cardiovacular disease: Olive Oil is cholesterol free and when it is used as the primary fat, it is often seen to produce a drop in LDL cholesterol, the harmful cholesterol, without dropping the level of HDL cholesterol, the good cholesterol. Regular use can help to maintain good heart health.

Digestive system: Olive oil is claimed to improve the working of the stomach, pancreas, intestines, liver and biliary tract and prevent the formation of gallstones. It is described as being beneficial for gastritis and gastro duodenal ulcers and to have a mildly laxative effect. Two tablespoons of olive oil taken in the morning on an empty stomach appear to have a positive effect on constipation.

Ageing: Antioxidants prevent the effects of ageing. It has been observed that olive oil protects against cerebral ageing.

Skin: Olive oil protects and tones the epidermis thanks to its vitamin E content and its antioxidant effect. It is particularly useful in the prevention of skin lesions and reducing the effects of ageing. 

Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Pure, natural and full of goodness it is the most premium Olive Oil, obtained at the first press and contains the best in natural nutrition.

Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil has distinctive color and rich taste. As a regular part of your healthy diet Latino Bella can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways; salad dressing, marinade, light cooking (stir fries, roasting, and basting) 

Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used as a healthy replacement in cooking for butter or margarine.


Latino Bella Pomace Olive Oil


Obtained from the final extraction, Latino Bella Pomace Olive Oil has no cholesterol and is ideal for daily cooking, frying. It is a healthy replacement for regular cooking oils.